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List of Northwest Cattle Hoof Trimmers

If you have not used a hoof trimmer in the past, here is a short list of trimmers we have found in the NWHCA region; some names were gathered from Highland breeders and other from the Hoof Trimmers Association. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list, if you know of a trimmer whose name is not mentioned below please send me a note and we’ll publish them in a later issue. Also, this list is for your convenience, there are no recommendations or guarantees.

Ron Kummerfeldt, 406-726-3337. Ron covers western MT, northern ID, and eastern WA.

Travis Bartelds, 503-949-4106. Travis has a tilt chute, customized to handle large horns.
John Esplin, 503-368-5020
Chris Perkins, 503-392-4663. Chris Covers the Tillamook area only.
Walter Schwarz, 541-942-4390.

George Bates, 360-829-2252.
Ken Haarsma, 509-837-5455
Nathan Hoffman, 360-266-0559. Nathan works in SE WA, mainly south of Yelm.
Mike Nichols, 360-638-1477. Mike works in the Puget Sound, Kitsap, and Olympic Peninsula areas
Toby Richner, 360-510-7671. Toby works in Whatcom county only.
Skagit Hooftrimming: Four trimmers serving Western Washington (Peter Stephens, his two sons Peter Jr. and Gates, and Vince Miller) can be contacted at Bovi-Motion, 425-821-7309. Or, you can contact them separately at:
Peter Stephens Sr., 360-757-2504
Peter Stephens Jr., 360-708-6308
Gates Stephens, 425-821-7309

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