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FOR SALE: Registered Cow/calf pair (Washington State)

Wakefield Farms
Ellensburg, WA

FOR SALE: Ragged D Anna (red cow) with heifer calf at side
Cow DOB: 3/26/16
Reg #: 55,816
Heifer calf: WKF Kiss and Tell
DOB: 5/9/2021
Registration pending
Sire: Skye High Koal

I’m selling Anna and her heifer as a pair. Anna is scheduled to be AI’d during the month of July if not sold prior to my AI date. Currently due to be bred to GOF Ralph. Anna is a big cow with an easy temperament. She was shown as a heifer. She loves to be brushed. In spite of her size, she’s very beginner friendly. She combines solid production genetics from Shat Acres, RAM, Flatheads and Five Star. Her calf is by 2010 National Grand Champion Bull, Skye High Koal. Koal brings a good foundation and length to his progeny. Kiss and Tell has her moms friendly easy going temperament. She’s going to be a solid cow.
Please contact for pricing.

Call Jennifer Lewis at (425) 830-4263 or email for more information.

Posted: 7-12-2021

FOR SALE: Highland semen (Montana)

Kate's Horses and Highlands
Huson, MT

FOR SALE: Kate’s Horses and Highlands of Lazy Sousa Mountain Meadow Ranch offers semen from four bulls stored and shipped from Hoffman A.I. Breeders in Logan, Utah.

Lone Spring Fergusson #59304 (silver)
Willow Bend Duff # 50,639 (dark red)
PRG McGowan # 55,320 (yellow)
TripleR Ban Duncan # 54,256 (white, looks light yellow in photo)

Also offering cows and halter trained calves for sale every year.

For more information please email or call Kate Sousa at 406-370-1490.

Updated: 7-8-2021 (ongoing)

WANTED: Weaned Highland calves and Highland steers and heifers for beef production (OR/WA)

Martson Farm, LLC
Molalla, OR


Martson Farm Highland Cattle has developed markets for Scottish Highland beef which pay a premium over similar cuts of commodity beef. And the demand is greater than our supply. We are looking for purebred Scottish Highland steers and heifers less than 30 months old which have been raised exclusively on grass, brush, hay or haylage for their entire lives. The animals must weigh more than 800 lbs and have not been given any growth hormones. We pay $3.75/ hanging weight. All animals must be delivered at the owners expense to Martson Farm 14388 S Bagby Rd, Molalla, OR 97038.

We also buy weaned purebred Scottish Highland steer and heifer calves for $600/ each. They must be grass fed and have received no growth hormones.

If interested, please contact Rick Martson at 503-799-5743 or email for more information.

Posted: 12-20-2020 (ongoing)

FOR SALE: Semen from registered bull (Washington State-ships nationwide)

Great Scott's Highland Ranch
Lynden, WA

FOR SALE: Semen available from the following two bulls for $25/straw. We can deliver straws in Washington state or ship straws anywhere in the United States. Our veternarian can deliver straws and perform AI services locally (Lynden, WA).

Son House of VOR (black bull)
AHCA: #52,456
DOB: 03/21/2012
Sire: Bottleneck Xcalibre(D) #49,192
Dam: Dixie of Bottleneck #35,883
Birth weight: 67 lbs.
Wean weight: 584 lbs
Current weight: approx. 2000 lbs

Son House was Grand Champion and Supreme Champion bull at 17 months. He is a very gentle herd sire and quite large for a true black highland bull. Nice straight back and good feet.

GRT Dalton
AHCA: #54,718
DOB: 03/31/2015
Sire: Son House of VOR(D) #52,456
Dam: BDR Safira #49,087 Birth weight: 60 lbs
Current weight: approx. 1600 lbs

Dalton is a gentle herd sire that is throwing Grand Champion heifers. Nice straight back and good feet.

For more information please email or call Shawn McPhail at 360-201-6009..

Posted: 5-10-2019 (ongoing)

WANTED: Weanling Calves (Western Washington)

Hemlock Highlands
Sedro Woolley, WA


Hemlock Highlands will buy your weaned steer or beef-quality heifer calves. Call to discuss.

Please contact John or Jean Bates at 360-856-5817 , or email for more information.

Posted: ongoing

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