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FOR SALE: Highland semen, registered bull (Montana)

Kate's Horses and Highlands
Huson, MT

FOR SALE: Flatheads Glenturrent
Reg. #55823.
DOB 4/3/16.

Glen is a proven, correct and thick bodied brindle bull with an easy going disposition. He is halter broke! For sale or possible trade.

FOR SALE: Kate’s Horses and Highlands of Lazy Sousa Mountain Meadow Ranch offers semen from three bulls for local pick up and insemination around Missoula, MT or shipped semen from Hoffman A.I. Breeders in Logan, Utah.

Willow Bend Duff # 50,639 (dark red)
PRG McGowan # 55,320 (yellow)
TripleR Ban Duncan # 54,256 (white, looks light yellow in photo)

Also offering cows and halter trained calves for sale every year.

For more information please email or call Kate Sousa at 406-370-1490.

Posted: 12-12-2019

FOR SALE: Registered bulls (Montana)

Flathead Farms
Kalispell, MT

FOR SALE: Very high quality proven 4 year old bull, registration #55320! Medium frame, 1820# after a summer of open pasture breeding. Sky High genetics. Very straight and structurally correct, mild mannered and easy to be around. $2500 net to me, delivery can be arranged.

FOR SALE: Big Ridge Gilroy is out of North Carolina and probably has as good of genetics as you can find. Registration #58826. Just have a look at his Sire and Dam. Large framed, mild mannered, weighed over 880# as a yearling. $3000 net to me. Delivery can be arranged.

For more information please email or call Mike Mower at 406-250-1289.

Posted: 11-22-2019

FOR SALE: Registered bull (Washington State)

Swalander Highland Cattle Company
Elma, WA

FOR SALE: “Swalander’s Jon”
Reg: #59277.

Very proper and gentle Bull who comes from excellent bloodlines. Sired by ”RAM Just Bob” 54246 & Impact Dam is” Maudine of Swalander” 47476. Both Sire and Dam have proven themselves in the show ring as well as producing many calves that have grown to be quality breeding stock. Photos of "Jon" and his sire "Just Bob." More photos available.

For more information, email or call Bob Swalander at 360-402-6879.

Posted: 11-15-2019

FOR SALE: Registered bulls, yearling heifers (Washington State)

RunAMuk Ranches
Yakima, WA

FOR SALE: RAM Fat's Domino (the one on halter with Susan). Reg #:58286. Gentle. $2500 Washington State, $2700 out of state.

FOR SALE: RAM Harley, Reg #:55283. DOB: 6/16/2015. Super gentle, proven as a breeder. $2500 Washington, $2700 out of state. Discount to take both bulls.

Call Naomi Ewing at 509-833-7562 or email for more information.

Posted: 11-6-2019

FOR SALE: Registered heifers (Washington State)

Shaggy Blues Highlanders of VO Ranch
Cheney, WA

SOLD: Callaid of VOR (brindle heifer)
DOB: 3/7/17
Reg #: 56,690
Sire: Uriah of Five Star Farm
Dam: Koko Taylor of VOR

Callaid is a two year old Brindle heifer. She was Res. Grand Champion Heifer at the 2018 Central Valley Fair. Her sire carries the genetics of Five Star Farms. He was NWSS Res. Intermediate Bull Grand Champion. His sire and dam were also Res. Champions at the NWSS. Calais dam carries the bloodline of Flathead Farms and Bottle Neck Ranch. She produced the Grand Champion, Res. Grand Champion, and third place heifers at the 2018 Central Valley Fairs. She’s gentle and easy to handle. Callaid is A-I to Trafalgar Square Farms, CBS Yaz’s Yukon Jack. He was 2015 NWSS Grand Champion Bull. He carries great bloodlines extending into Canada. Asking Price: $2400.

FOR SALE: Ariah of VOR (red heifer)
DOB: 3/1/16
Reg#: 55,782
Sire: Uriah of Five Star Farm
Dam: Koko Taylor of VOR

Ariah has the same Championship breeding and genetics as Callaid. Ariah was Res. Supreme Grand Championship Heifer at the Spokane Interstate Fair in 2017. Her sire carries the genetics of Five Star Farms. He was NWSS Res. Intermediate Bull Champion. His sire and dam were also Res. Champions at the NWSS. She has a mild temperament and is easy going. She is pasture exposed to PC of B Hanging B. PC is a big bull with excellent bloodlines. Asking price: $2500.


Call Dan Howry at 310-560-8730 or email for more information.

Updated: 10-18-2019

FOR SALE: Registered yearling bull (Washington State)

Cave Creek Farm
Trout Lake, WA

FOR SALE: Two beautiful heifers - Clover of 5 Star (#56,597) and NLK Ginger (#57,968). These cows have outstanding Highland genetics to add to your herd including; Skye High Auchlevin, Sherman of Five Star Farm, Jock of Mapleview and Ben Eniglair of Scone Palace. $2000 Each or $3600 for the Pair.

FOR SALE: NLK Geronimo (D), this yearling bull is registered (#58,051) and ready to go to work for you. Geronimo has a quiet disposition that belies the fact that he is a genetic powerhouse! Geronimo is a brindle bull that has the potential to throw lots of color in his calves along with the growth factor from a huge assembly of outstanding Highland genetics including: Skye High Auchlevin, Sherman of Five Star Farm, Jock of Mapleview and Ben Eniglair of Scone Palace. Breeding season is here and this could be your bull! $2000.

For more information please email or call Nicole Kaseberg at 541-980-2124.

Updated: 10-4-2019

FOR SALE: Registered bull, unregistered cow, cow/calf pair (Oregon)

Noah's Ark Farm, LLC
Scio, OR

FOR SALE: 4-year-old Bull registered with American Highland Cattle Assn. Asking price: $2700. Mar-Mor Colonel is from Mar-Mor Highland Cattle Ranch. Sired by X-Caliber and Dam Mar-Mor Cielo.

FOR SALE: Tan cow. $750. Cash only.

FOR SALE: Red cow with bull calf. Cow/calf pair for $1300, or sell separately: red cow $1000, bull calf (born Feb. 2019) $700.

Cash only. For more information please email or call Trudy Metzger at 503-421-4730.

Updated: 9-23-2019

FOR SALE: Unregistered weanling heifers (Oregon)

Asman Highland Cattle
Aumsville, OR

FOR SALE: For sale: Two heifers born April 2019. Purebred, unregistered, curious, fast growth. Dams: unregistered, excellent milk production. Sire: Fat Cow Henry, AHCA #56308 (last picture). Available October 2019. $1200 each.

Call Amy Asman at 503-580-9626 or email for more information.

Posted: 9-9-2019

FOR SALE: Registered cow, unregistered cow/calf pair (Washington State)

Hewitt Highlanders
Clayton, WA

FOR SALE: Registered 4 year old cow purchased from RunAMuk in 2017 Registration #54412, pregnant and due Oct 28th AI with SkyHigh Hammish McBeth. This will be her second calf. $2200.

FOR SALE: Purebred Highlander unregistered cow/calf pair. Dam is a RunAMuk cow she 4 years old bull calf born July 7th 2019. Sire was (AI) Skye High Hammish McBeth. Calf is scheduled to be banded first week of Sept. $1400 for the pair.

Call Matt Hewitt at 801- 866-3348 or email for more information.

Posted: 8-21-2019

FOR SALE: Registered stock (Idaho)

McGhee Highlands
Sand Point, ID

Herd dispersal sale. 10-14 - bulls, cows and heifers for sale (herd bull Big Ridge Coinneach is NOT for sale but picture shows his conformation and his excellent breeding by Big Ridge Highlands).

Young bulls, bull calves, bred cow-calf pairs, bred cows, heifers

Registered and unregistered available. Prices range from $1000 to $3000. All colors. Black, brindle, yellow, dun, red and white. More pictures on request.

Call Kelly McGhee at 561-379-9128 or email for more information.

Posted: 8-21-2019

FOR SALE: Registered cow (Oregon)

Hawk Ridge Farms
North Plains, OR

FOR SALE: Registered cow (yellow)
Name: STR Brooklyn
DOB: 05-17-16
Sire/Dam: STR Ruthless Game X Star Lake Acadia
Reg: #55867
Price: $3500

STR Brooklyn is a great cow for anyone looking to jumpstart their show string or breeding herd, or for beginners looking to start off with some phenomenal bloodlines. We bought her as a heifer in 2017 at the National Highland Sale for $5000, which is a steal for a Star Lake animal. Her sire is STR Ruthless Game, the 2017 National Reserve Grand Champion Bull. She has been a great cow for us, and her first bull calf is beautiful. She is well structured, thick, and moves beautifully. She does well on grass-all the pictures are her on only grass- and feeds a calf well. We have shown her on multiple occasions. We are selling all except two heifers, so that is why we are selling her. I hate to see her go. Let her become your next top cow. We are letting her go for a steal at $4000 since we need her to go soon. Photos of her at show and photos of her sire available upon request. Delivery available for a fee.

Call Sterling Nielsen at 503-626-0800 or email for more information.

Updated: 8-21-2019

FOR SALE: Registered yearling heifers (Washington State)

Blueberry Meadows Highland Cattle
Enumclaw, WA

SALE PENDING: Registered heifers raised on grass (no grain)

BEM Freya (light red heifer)
DOB: 11/4/17
Reg: #58254
Sire: HSC Rebel's Jack
Dam: CHW Tara of Covington Highlands

BEM Geraldine (red heifer with characteristic Scottish "bus dubh" black nose marking)
DOB: 6/23/18
Reg: #58809
Sire: GOF Ralph
Dam: BEM Caramel

"Freya" is out of a productive line of cattle with good early growth on grass and strong Scottish characteristics. Her sire is HSC Rebel's Jack, tracing back to Sunset (Canadian) and LEA-White bloodlines. She comes from a maternal line with high fertility and calving ease. Her dam is 12 and has produced a healthy calf every year. Freya is an exceptionally well-made heifer, very correct and smooth-made. Friendly, loves brushing and can be haltered. She should mature into a productive brood cow. Ready to breed this fall. Delivery available. Photos at 12 months and 18 months. $2000.

Video of Freya

"Geraldine" is out of a productive line of cattle with good early growth on grass and strong Scottish characteristics. Her sire is GOF Ralph, a old Scottish-style bull known for good milk production and udder conformation. She comes from a maternal line with high fertility and calving ease. Her dam is a good mother and has an excellent udder and good feet. Loves brushing, sensible and easy to handle (halter-broke), should mature into a productive brood cow. Photos at 5 months and 11 months. $2000.

Video of Geraldine

Call Bonnie McLarty at 360-829-7748 or email for more information.

Posted: 7-12-2019

FOR SALE: Unregistered cow/calf pair (Washington State)

Garden Home Farm
Mount Vernon, WA

FOR SALE: Purebred Highland cow/calf pair. Dam is two years old and calf is a heifer. Located in Mount Vernon. $1400 for the pair.

For more information please email or call/text Joan Schleh at 360-333-2784.

Posted: 6-22-2019

FOR SALE: Original Highland Cattle Art (Washington State)

RunAMuk Ranches - Naomi Ewing, artist
Yakima, WA

FOR SALE: Prints of one of my original paintings. This is a 16"x 20" print on canvas. Ready to hang on wall. $125.00 includes shipping.

For more information please email or call Naomi Ewing at 509-833-7562.

Posted: 5-21-2019

FOR SALE: Highland Semen (ships nationwide from North Carolina)

Big Ridge Highlands
Green Mountain, NC

FOR SALE: Semen from Registered Highland Bull (black)
Big Ridge VooDoo Magic
AHCA Reg#: 51522
Mature weight: 2612 lbs on 7-24-18 (second picture)

Magic is "Scottish Type" and produces Scottish-type calves. Magic is a purposely bred sire, bred to pass on the superior maternal characteristics and good feet of his parents and grandparents. Magic's calves average 50-60 pounds and grow quickly to catch up and often pass calves with heavier birth weights. Magic has a straight and level topline, plenty of wavy hair, a short and wide head and strong frame. Magic is gentle, calm and loves brushing. You can see his dam, grand-dam, aunts, siblings, and offspring in person at Big Ridge, on our website, or find us on Facebook: "Big Ridge Highlands."

Email Bill Arrington at Big Ridge Highlands for more information.

Posted: 5-11-2019

FOR SALE: Semen from registered bull (Washington State-ships nationwide)

Great Scott's Highland Ranch
Lynden, WA

FOR SALE: Semen available from the following two bulls for $25/straw. We can deliver straws in Washington state or ship straws anywhere in the United States. Our veternarian can deliver straws and perform AI services locally (Lynden, WA).

Son House of VOR (black bull)
AHCA: #52,456
DOB: 03/21/2012
Sire: Bottleneck Xcalibre(D) #49,192
Dam: Dixie of Bottleneck #35,883
Birth weight: 67 lbs.
Wean weight: 584 lbs
Current weight: approx. 2000 lbs

Son House was Grand Champion and Supreme Champion bull at 17 months. He is a very gentle herd sire and quite large for a true black highland bull. Nice straight back and good feet.

GRT Dalton
AHCA: #54,718
DOB: 03/31/2015
Sire: Son House of VOR(D) #52,456
Dam: BDR Safira #49,087 Birth weight: 60 lbs
Current weight: approx. 1600 lbs

Dalton is a gentle herd sire that is throwing Grand Champion heifers. Nice straight back and good feet.

For more information please email or call Shawn McPhail at 360-201-6009..

Posted: 5-10-2019 (ongoing)

WANTED: Highland steers and heifers for beef production (OR/WA)

Martson Farm, LLC
Molalla, OR


Martson Farm LLC is developing markets for Scottish Highland beef which will pay a premium over similar cuts of commercial/commodity beef. We are looking for purebred Scottish Highland steers or heifers less than 28 months old which have been raised exclusively on grass, brush, hay or haylage for their entire lives. The animals must weigh more than 800 lbs, have received no growth hormones, and, if a heifer, been vaccinated against brucellosis. We do not buy the animals. What we do is put your animal into our supply chain and you get what the purchasers pay, less a $.75/lb hanging weight charge by us for developing the markets and for handling the animals and customers. All animals must be delivered at your expense to Martson Farm, 14388 S Bagby Rd, Molalla, Oregon. What customers are paying varies by customer and time.

If interested, please contact Rick Martson at 503-799-5743 or email for more information.

Posted: ongoing

WANTED: Weanling Calves (Western Washington)

Hemlock Highlands
Sedro Woolley, WA


Hemlock Highlands will buy your weaned steer or beef-quality heifer calves. Call to discuss.

Please contact John or Jean Bates at 360-856-5817 , or email for more information.

Posted: ongoing

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