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FOR SALE: Registered cow (Washington State)

Shaggy Blues Highlander of VO Ranch
Cheney, WA

FOR SALE: Xena of Five Star Farms (AI)
Red Cow, DOB: 6/02/10
Reg.#: 50240
Sire: Jock of Glengorm
Dam: Urial of Five Star Farms

Xena has great conformation and carries the Highlander traits. Her Sire is Jock of Glengorm, with direct Scotland bloodlines. Her dam, Urial of Five Star Farms, carries the strong genetics of Five Star Farms. She has been AI'ed to J Bar T’s Jared, of J Bar T Highland Cattle Co., Colorado. She would be a great purchase to infuse strong Scottish bloodline into any herd or to someone just starting a herd. Photo taken 3/19. Asking price: $2,600.

For more information please email or call Dan Howry at 310-560-8730.

Posted: 4-11-2019

FOR SALE: Cow and heifer (Washington State)

Frey's Highlands
Marysville, WA

FOR SALE: 3yo cow, 2 yo heifer. Both are halter trained and have gentle dispositions. Mostly Canadian bloodlines.

For more information please email or call Peggy Frey at 425-330-5451.

Posted: 4-11-2019

FOR SALE: Registered bull, heifers, crossbreds (Montana)

Flathead Farms
Kalispell, MT

FOR SALE: Flatheads Choice, reg# 58269! Structurally correct, largest scrotal in class, fast growing and mild temperament. Outstanding breeding including Duke of Skye. $2500.

For more information please email or call Mike at 406-250-1289.

Updated: 3-7-2019

FOR SALE: Unregistered bulls, steer, heifer (Oregon)

Noah's Ark Farm, LLC
Scio, OR

FOR SALE: 2 steers 2016
FOR SALE: 2 bull calves 2018
FOR SALE: 1 heifer 2016
FOR SALE: 1 bull, proven 3-year-old, from registered parents

Cash only. For more information please email or call Trudy Metzger at 503-421-4730.

Updated: 1-9-2019

FOR SALE: Registered cows, heifers (Washington State)

Spring Creek Highlands
Lynden, WA

FOR SALE: SC Gracie (red heifer)
Reg#: 57941
DOB: 1-10-2018

Well-built heifer out of excellent bloodlines. Delivery is possible. Last two pics are of her dam (Wild Roses’s Cleo) and her sire (Sunset Braveheart). $1800.

SOLD: Wild Rose's Cleo (red cow, dam of SC Gracie)
Reg#: 54520
DOB: 6-28-2014

Visit our website or email for more information, delivery is available..

Updated: 3-7-2019

FOR SALE: Registered bred heifer, yearling bull (Washington State)

Viking Fold
Husum, WA

FOR SALE: Registered 2 year old Highland Female, Viking Fold Eleanor (Reg #56072). This beautiful red heifer is out of our best producing cow and traces back to powerful genetics such as Jock of Glengorm, X-Caliber of Five Star Farm, DH Churchill, Jock of Mapleview. Eleanor is bred to Viking Fold Forest, (#57,115) for a spring 2019 calf. Eleanor has good size, correct conformation and is a gentle soul that leads on a halter and loves to be combed. $2750

SOLD: High quality, registered Highland bull; #57,115. Viking Fold Forest is 19 months of age and carries the “best of the best” bloodlines including; Shat Acres Raisin Cain, Jock of Mapleview, X-Caliber of Five Star Farm, CH Aloysius and powerful Canadian bloodlines from Cherry Point Fold. Forest is gentle, leads well on the halter, he is vaccinated and has bred three cows this spring. If you lack heavy muscling and good early growth, this would be the bull for your breeding program! $3,250.

For more information please email or call David Larson at 541-490-4064.

Posted: 11-13-2018

FOR SALE: Registered heifers (Washington State)

Blueberry Meadows Highland Cattle
Enumclaw, WA

FOR SALE: Semen from Registered bull (North Carolina-ships nationwide)

Big Ridge Highlands
Green Mountain, NC

FOR SALE: Semen from Registered Highland Bull
Big Ridge VooDoo Magic
AHCA Reg# 51522

Magic is "Scottish Type" and produces Scottish-type calves. Magic is a purposely bred sire, bred to pass on the superior maternal characteristics and good feet of his parents and grandparents. Magic's calves average 50-60 pounds and grow quickly to catch up and often pass calves with heavier birth weights. Magic has a straight and level topline, plenty of wavy hair, a short and wide head and strong frame. Magic is gentle, calm and loves brushing. You can see his dam, grand-dam, aunts, siblings, and offspring in person at Big Ridge, on our website, or find us on Facebook: "Big Ridge Highlands."

Email Bill Arrington at Big Ridge Highlands for more information.

Posted: 5-12-2018 (ongoing)

WANTED: Highland steers and heifers for beef production (OR/WA)

Martson Farm, LLC
Molalla, OR


Martson Farm LLC is developing markets for Scottish Highland beef which will pay a premium over similar cuts of commercial/commodity beef. We are looking for purebred Scottish Highland steers or heifers less than 28 months old which have been raised exclusively on grass, brush, hay or haylage for their entire lives. The animals must weigh more than 800 lbs, have received no growth hormones, and, if a heifer, been vaccinated against brucellosis. We do not buy the animals. What we do is put your animal into our supply chain and you get what the purchasers pay, less a $.75/lb hanging weight charge by us for developing the markets and for handling the animals and customers. All animals must be delivered at your expense to Martson Farm, 14388 S Bagby Rd, Molalla, Oregon. What customers are paying varies by customer and time.

If interested, please contact Rick Martson at 503-799-5743 or email for more information.

Posted: 3-23-2018 (ongoing)

WANTED: Weanling Calves (Western Washington)

Hemlock Highlands
Sedro Woolley, WA


Hemlock Highlands will buy your weaned steer or beef-quality heifer calves. Call to discuss.

Please contact John or Jean Bates at 360-856-5817 , or email for more information.

Posted: ongoing

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